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Make your child the genius they were born to become!

Cognito Abacus is an abacus based advanced cognitive skill enhancement program designed for children between ages 6 to 13 years.

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The path to success

Course Structure

The course structure refers to the choice and sequencing of course content. This choice of topics and their organization support the learning objectives for the course. Our exclusive curriculum, combined with great workbooks and learning tools enable teachers to create great learning experience along with desired results.


Preface: This module is to prepare the younger children, aged 5-7 years (in some cases upto 9 Years) to embrace the Cognito Abacus Program with ease.

Duration: 3 Months

Contents: Click below for details

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Formative 0Level


Preface: To solve all arithmetic questions on abacus there are 34 Formulae that the children must understand.

Duration: 3 Months / Level (9 Months)

Contents: Click below for details

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Conception 1-3Level


Preface: The Children are now familiar with all the basic concepts and it is the time to build upon all these concepts. They will be able to solve complex questions with speed and ease.

Duration: 3 Months / Level (9 Months)

Contents: Click below for details

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Progression 4-6Level


Preface: Children are now thorough with all arithmetic functions. Advance concepts of BODMAS, PEDMAS, Decimals, Fractions, Roots and Exponents are introduced.

Duration: 3 Months / Level (9 Months)

Contents: Click below for details

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Evolution 7-9Level

What are Cognitive Skills?

Unleash your child’s true potential

Cognitive skills are traits which define the ability of an individual to perform various activities associated with learning and problem solving. Each of these cognitive skills play an important part in the learning process.

Together, these skills give the child an advantage in the ever-competitive world. Cognito Abacus helps children enhance these critical cognitive skills.

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If a student pays attention to what the teacher is explaining in the class, the learning and understanding will be much better.

Listening Skills

Children with weak listening skills need more time to recognize and process the information they hear. They find it difficult to understand concepts and get frustrated.


The ability to "think ahead" or anticipate the path or flow of a task. Foresee outcomes of certain steps, while solving a problem is "Judgement" cognitive skill.


Memory is the brain's ability to recall information, along with the conscious recall of the source and circumstances of this specific memory


The ability to execute more than one action or attending to two or more stimuli at the same time. This cognitive skill enhances the efficiency of a person. Multitasking is an essential factor for a student.


It is the ability to understand a new concept. This skill helps us learn and prepare us for the future.


Processing speed is one of the most important cognitive processes, which relates to fluency, or how fast we can think, understand, process, and react to the information received


We create a nurturing environment for each child

Expand your child’s horizon with the most advanced & holistic learning program.

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What makes us different!!

Cognito Abacus USPs

  1. Perfect Blend of Science and Yoga

    At Cognito, while working on abacus, we use specific finger movements of both our hands which are similar to yogic mudras primarily Gyan Mudra and Shuni Mudra which are known for improving concentration, attention, and sharpening of memory.

  2. Progressive Course Structure

    Cognito’s Course Structure has been meticulously designed to ensure that the child does not get confused with the corresponding school methodology. The growth is progressive and continuous. At any point of the time, the child is neither overburdened nor boredom sets in.

  3. Well Designed Course Material

    The Course Material has been designed keeping in mind that the children are intrigued and enjoy learning. The Course Material perfectly blends with the Course Structure and Lesson Planners of the Educator to ensure consistency across the network in the deliverance of the program.

  4. Variety of Learning Tools

    The success of any program lies in the hard work a child puts in. Cognito Abacus has developed several learning tools Offline and Online to give children numerous Practice Avenues. This will ensure better output from the child and ensure monotony does not set in.

  5. Emphasis on Educator Training

    Teachers are the Torch Bearers for any educational program. Therefore, the quality of teaching is very critical to a child’s success. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that our Educator go through proper training, and refreshers.


    CACTAS – Cognito Abacus and CenTre Administrative System, a mobile and PC based platform has been created for Parents, Educators, Franchisee to ensure seamless movement of information and feedback for effective management. This will ensure more time is spent on children rather than on administrative activities.

  7. Multi-Faceted Student Events

    At Cognito Abacus, we have planned several events like Competitions, Demonstration, Certifications, Proficiency Examinations for Students. These events give our children lot of exposure to face the real-life scenarios, pressure handling and prepare them for life ahead.

  8. One World One Cognito

    Once a child enrolls and becomes a part of Cognito Abacus, he/she will always remain one. With the facility of seamless transfer across the network, the continuity of the Cognito Abacus Program is maintained.

  9. Knowledge Hub

    A collection of Blogs and articles related to Cognitive Skills, Best Learning Practices, Scientific Reasoning supporting our Program for Parents, Educators and Franchisees. So that they could best contribute to the child’s success.

Benefits of the program

Make your child a Cognito Kid

Cognito Abacus helps children get enlightened on how to visualize problems. This is made possible by using simple concept such as arithmetic, which is the basis of maths & science; and which further allows children to foster intuition and imagination. Intuition and imagination are the basis for solving various problems in high level mathematics or in real life. And it’s never too soon to get a head start in life. When a Child enrols in Cognito Abacus, the foundation is set for what, he/she needs for academic success and to tackle lifelong challenges confidently.

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Improved Cognitive Abilities


No Maths Phobia


Improved Overall Academic Performance


What we think and what others think about us!

This is what drives us


Parents will always have a lot of choices when it comes to select an Abacus Centre, as they are always in look out for the best they can provide to their children. But the challenge lies in the part where they are to select the best one. What makes us different are the facets that you begin to feel the moment your child enters our program. We stand upon well-defined pillars of strength which determine the path of your child’s growth and bring alive the genius within.

  1. Pedagogy

    We strive to provide the best course structure, best course material, stringent training guidelines and innovative learning tools to all our students.

  2. Technology

    We believe in the use of Technology to drive our operation for maximum efficiency and responsiveness.

  3. Amity

    Building trustworthy and cordial relationship between Student, Teacher, Parent, Franchisees and Organization, has been our core belief.

  4. Activity

    Regularly organize Multi-faceted events like competitions, public demonstration to give our children real life exposure.


We foster an environment to instill the following values in every facet of our organization - Trust, Honesty, Respect, Excellence, and Exceed.

  • Trust – To trust and be trusted by parents, students and all our associates.

  • Honest– To be honest in our dealings with all.

  • Respect– The dignity of our country and people.

  • Excellence – Focused on Quality.

  • Exceed – Go beyond the commitment

Our franchisees are one of our pillars of strength. What they feel about us, speaks about us.

Arpan S Gupta

Regional Master Franchisee

Our journey with Cognito Abacus has been very fulfilling in terms of parents’ acceptance & appreciation of the Program, students’ development & academic improvement and the continued support from the Company. We have been able to deliver the best each day much to our student’s and parents’ satisfaction with the well-defined course and structured curriculum.

Ayushi Singhal


As a franchisee I am thankful to Cognito Abacus for empowering women and providing full support at each step. Our operational systems and technology based teaching methods are what gives us our competitive edge

Vidhu Mittal


The best thing about Cognito Abacus is that it offers you your freedom. There is no need for you to work under someone else. You possess the right of working on your own terms and Cognito offers you that liberation.

Indu Kumar


Abacus program is a very good program. It is fulfilling to the extent that all the stakeholders i.e. parents, children and we being the franchisee are all happy. This is because we are able to deliver everything that is promised to the students each day and every day. We are also happy because the company is providing us all the required support from time to time.

Anju Jain


I love teaching and being with kids is what I cherish the most. Cognito Abacus gave me an opportunity to fulfill my long-cherished dream of becoming a teacher. It empowers me in so many ways that I feel motivated, driven and independent while enjoying financial freedom making a respectable earning for myself.

Sparsha Gupta


Being a homemaker after marriage, I always had this regret in my heart that I never did anything for my career and myself. Just the thought of starting again made my heart heavy. Fortunately for me, Cognito Abacus came to the rescue and gave me the privilege of calling myself an entrepreneur. The satisfaction of being financially independent while helping young minds become geniuses of tomorrow is a beautiful feeling which I can’t express in words.

Apoorva Goyal


I have always loved Cognito Abacus. My favourite part about being a Cognito Teacher is the performance and improvement exhibited by my students.


If you have feedback or words of praise that you would like to share, please send a mail to us at [email protected]

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    Aakansha Malik

    I am a working woman and to stay in touch with my child’s performance on day-to-day basis is a task. Cognito’s innovation with technology and the idea of coming up with an app is truly a gift for parents like me. This app allows you to stay informed about your child’s performance in class, progress report, attendance and much more. The Cognito Abacus mobile app is an empowering tool.

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    Aboli Garg

    My Ma’am at Cognito Abacus has always guided me in my every small steps. She has always helped me and encouraged me to do what I wanted to do. She always made the things clear and explained as many times I wanted. She is the best and the most hard-working teacher I have ever met. Thank You Anika Mam.

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    Mother of Anvi Jain

    Cognito Abacus classes have helped my child a lot in terms of fast calculations, have become more logical. She get lot of support from there. I am very happy to make my child join Cognito Abacus classes as she has developed herself both effectively and efficiently.

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