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Comments From Parents

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    Simmy Rehnu

    I remember my son sulking a lot while solving mathematics problems. Cognito Abacus has been a true boon for us, he is happier and enjoys playing with beads, solving problems with ease. Cognito Abacus allows students to explore their skills through various competitions. Such championships build a sense of self-motivation and perseverance to win in the child.

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    Gunjan Budhiraja

    My kid…he was petrified of numbers. Cognito Abacus paved a joyful way for numbers in his mind and thank god, it happened! The quality of course material is great and improvised with precision. Kids love going for the classes. Constant recognition happens for their performance and achievements. Being appreciated for their skills motivates them to excel further. That’s what matters!

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    Sukriti Mendiratta

    Time management is a key ingredient to success. Cognito Abacus teaches its students to be quick, smart & accurate. They learn to value the worth of time and how to focus, channeling their mental abilities wisely. We want our kids to be future ready with sharpened cognitive skills to easily comprehend and cross any challenge, life may throw in future. Cognito Abacus was a great decision towards this goal. We are really happy and satisfied to see our child excel in not just mathematics but in academics at large while but evolving his overall personality. It’s been fulfilling journey for our child & us. A bigggggg thank you Cognito Abacus!

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    Mother of Anvi Jain

    Cognito Abacus classes have helped my child a lot in terms of fast calculations, have become more logical. She get lot of support from there. I am very happy to make my child join Cognito Abacus classes as she has developed herself both effectively and efficiently.

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    Aboli Garg

    My Ma’am at Cognito Abacus has always guided me in my every small steps. She has always helped me and encouraged me to do what I wanted to do. She always made the things clear and explained as many times I wanted. She is the best and the most hard-working teacher I have ever met. Thank You Anika Mam.

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    Aakansha Malik

    I am a working woman and to stay in touch with my child’s performance on day-to-day basis is a task. Cognito’s innovation with technology and the idea of coming up with an app is truly a gift for parents like me. This app allows you to stay informed about your child’s performance in class, progress report, attendance and much more. The Cognito Abacus mobile app is an empowering tool.