Signing up for Cognito Abacus Franchise is a great opportunity awaiting you.

Scope and Opportunity

India alone has about 250 million students. 130 million in Public Schools and about 120 million in Private Schools. Even if we look at a share of 0.1%, we are looking at staggering numbers. Many times, bigger than even the largest universities in the world. So, the scope of growth and opportunity that awaits you is tremendous.

This scope magnifies if we look at Global Scale.

Scope and Opportunity


Setting up and running a Cognito Abacus centre is an excellent self-employment opportunity. The only condition is to do it right, with sincerity and diligence. It is suitable for homemakers, retirees, teachers, and educationists, who wish to manage their personal and professional life with a lot of comfort and flexibility. Running a Cognito Abacus Centre gives you a double income opportunity, since you can work in one job over the weekdays and run an abacus centre over the weekend.


Education is a noble profession. One must be selfless and always be ready to go all out to assist their students. A successful abacus centre helps in developing a sense of achievement, builds up self-esteem and generates a regular and respectable income. Being in a teaching profession earns you a lot of respect amongst peers, children, and parents. It gives you strong social visibility. It instils a sense of pride when your students start performing and showing results.


Full Time or Part Time

Cognito Abacus program is designed for children in the 6 – 13 years age group. These students are school going and are generally open for non-school programs like Abacus, either on the weekends or in the evenings. Abacus program requires about two hours per week from every student. These hours are generally allocated over the weekend when the children are available or at times in the evenings of working days. Hence, the time requirement for running an abacus centre is generally concentrated over the weekends.

Women Empowerment

Abacus education has been immensely popular among the ladies. Women run over 90% of the abacus centres in India, and almost a similar percentage of it is applicable when it comes to educators who are training the children. Thus, abacus education centres have been a strong tool or means for women empowerment and self-sustenance. This, in no way, undermines the contribution of the male counterparts. They too have been successfully running the show. Just that their numbers are fewer. Even if we observe the scenario in the formal school, teaching has largely been a forte of the ladies in the formative years. The number of female teachers far exceeds the male teachers in formal schools.

Women Empowerment
Low Investment – High Return

Low Investment – High Return.

Low Initial investment makes setting up a Cognito Abacus centre even more attractive. Unlike any other business, the requirement of initial capital is miniscule. The gestation period too is surprisingly small. A good centre can recover its investment in about 3-6 months. This is very small when compared to any other options. The requirement of infrastructure is very reasonable. The abacus centre can be run from the convenience of your home as well as renting out a few classrooms at a play school nearby.