Make your child a Cognito Kid

Cognito Abacus helps children get enlightened on how to visualize problems. This is made possible by using simple concept such as arithmetic, which is the basis of maths & science; and which further allows children to foster intuition and imagination. Intuition and imagination are the basis for solving various problems in high level mathematics or in real life. And it’s never too soon to get a head start in life. When a Child enrols in Cognito Abacus, the foundation is set for what, he/she needs for academic success and to tackle lifelong challenges confidently.

Improves Concentration & Comprehension

Memory & Self confidence

Increases Memory & Self confidence

Listening & Reasoning Skills

Develops Listening & Reasoning Skills

Accelerated Calculation Speed

Observation & Imagination

Heightened Observation & Imagination

Improved Overall Academic Performance

Overall Academic Performance