Master Franchisee


As a Cognito Abacus National or Regional Master Franchisee you would be authorized to appoint as many unit franchises as possible in the assigned territory.

As a Cognito Abacus Master Franchise you will enjoy all the benefits of building a franchise network without the risk of starting a new business. You will get all the support and guidance from the Cognito Abacus team of professionals with proven track records which will help you in achieving a considerable height in the successful Cognito Abacus Franchise Model. In turn, you will be expected to assist and provide support to all the franchisees appointed in your territory with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

The revenue sharing between Cognito Abacus and the National or Regional Master Franchisee will always be pre-decided and agreed by both at the time of signing of Master Franchise Agreement.

As a Cognito Abacus Master Franchisee you are expected to have a proper office setup, Team consisting of accounts, admin and marketing professionals, GST Registration, etc.

Cognito Abacus has a stringent criterion for appointing Master Franchisee; we will look for the best person in the territory with the willingness to expand Cognito Abacus Network in the allotted territory.