Abacus Certification Examination


Abacus Certification Examination


  • ACE by Cognito Abacus is an assessment platform designed to evaluate the students of Cognito Abacus on a common national benchmark under supervised and expert evaluation.
  • ACE is not a competition where a child competes with other students, rather an examination, where they compete with themselves and set a yardstick for their own growth.
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Objectives of ACE

The ACE aims in its efforts:

  • To assess the children of Cognito Abacus on a common national benchmark.
  • To conduct supervised evaluation under experts from or assigned by National Office.
  • To evaluate children on grounds of Conceptual Proficiency, Speed and Accuracy.
  • To certify one’s capability in Abacus or Mental Arithmetic.


  • The exam is open to Only Active / On Hold students of Cognito Abacus registered on CACTAS.
  • The students who have already Graduated or Passed out can participate within 12 months of their completion of 9th Level or the next ACE exam held after the passing date.

Examination Structure

  • There are a total of 10 Milestone Exams corresponding to 10 levels of Cognito Abacus.
  • Each milestone will evaluate proficiency corresponding to concepts covered in syllabus of Cognito Abacus.
  • A Child can appear for multiple milestone exam each year.
  • The child can repeat a milestone exam in subsequent years to better his/her performance.
  • The child can appear for the milestone exams corresponding to current or lower level he or she is studying in.
  • The Mode of paper can be Abacus or Mental.
  • As the milestone increases, the difficulty of the paper increases and average time available to solve a question is reduced. Therefore, to be proficient in higher milestone, the child has to attempt more and more questions mentally.

Milestone Selector

ACE Milestone Selector


  • Based on the marks achieved in every section of a milestone paper, the child will be awarded following recognitions in every section:
    • Proficient
    • Merit
    • Pass
    • Fail
  • In case there are multiple sections in a milestone exam, the lowest of all the sections shall be treated as the Overall Result of Milestone Exam.


  • All Participating students will get following prizes or recognitions
    • Proficient:  Certificate with Gold Medal
    • Merit:          Certificate
    • Pass:           Certificate
  • Children getting PROFICIENT in all 10 Milestone Exams (First attempt only) will get a beautiful trophy and a scholarship of ₹5100/- on completion of the Cognito Abacus program.