3rd National Championship 2024

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3rd National Championship 2024

The 3rd Cognito Abacus National Abacus Championship 2024 is an Offline event. The championship will host Visual Competition, Auditory Competition along with Graduation Ceremony.

Dates: 21st April 2024

Mode: Offline

Location: IMS Ghaziabad (University Courses Campus), NH-09, Adhyatmik Nagar, Ghaziabad (UP) 201015 (Map)

Events: Visual Competition, Auditory Competition, Graduation Ceremony

Download Brochure: Click Here


Participating in Cognito Abacus National Abacus Championship is a holistic approach to developing various skills that extend beyond mathematics, impacting a child’s overall cognitive and personal development.

  • Enhances Mental Calculation Skills: The championship focuses on improving mental calculation abilities, which can contribute to overall cognitive development of the student.
  • Sharpens Concentration: Participants need to concentrate intensely during calculations, helping to improve focus and attention span.
  • Enhances Memory Retention: Regular practice helps improve memory retention, as participants need to recall and process the numbers quickly.
  • Strengthens Visualization Skills: The use of an abacus requires mental visualization of numerical relationships, contributing to spatial memory development.
  • Fosters Self-Esteem: Successfully participating in the championship and achieving good results can boost a participant’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Promotes Healthy Competition: Competing with peers encourages a healthy sense of competition, motivating students to strive for improvement.
  • Time Management: Competitions have time restraints, teaching participants how to manage their time effectively.
  • Stress Management: Handling the pressure of competition helps individuals develop stress management skills.
  • Makes Learning Fun: Engaging in competitions can make the learning process enjoyable, fostering a positive attitude toward mathematics.
  • Instills Discipline: Regular practice and preparation instill discipline and a strong work ethic.
  • Encourages Parental Support: Parents play a significant role in a child’s participation, providing encouragement, support, and motivation.


  • 15-Jan-2024: Competition Announcement
  • 15-Jan-2024: Enrolment begins under Early Bird Fee
  • 15-Feb-2024: Enrolment continues under Regular Fee
  • 31-Mar-2024: Enrolment Closes
  • 07-Apr-2024: Hall Tickets Available
  • 21-Apr-2024: Competition
  • 21-Apr-2024: Announcement of Results Click for Result
  • 21-Apr-2024: Graduation Ceremony
  • 21-Apr-2024: Prize Distribution Ceremony



For all queries related to the Competition, send a mail to [email protected]