To open a Cognito Abacus Centre in your town, you would need.

1. Space

For Classrooms and Office Area

  • Minimum 300 Sq Ft.
  • You can set up a centre in your own house or rent a Class Room in a nearby School or Pre School
  • Location should be in or around residential areas.
  • Avoid Heavy Traffic Areas to maintain safety of children.
  • Access to Clean Toilets and Purified Drinking Water

2. Motivation

One does NOT need a background or experience in teaching to be a Cognito Abacus Franchisee. One may or may not be an Expert Mathematician. However, to succeed, you will need to have passion and dedication for education.

If you are a motivated individual who wishes to write your own success story, Cognito Abacus is the right place.

For running a successful centre, we look at following qualities in an individual.

  • One need to have good communication and interpersonal capabilities.
  • Perseverance and Dedication to succeed.
  • Enjoy being with children and feel responsible for their progress.
  • Capable of Networking and multi-tasking.

3. Educational Requirement

  • Bachelor’s Degree or a Diploma in any field or Higher.
  • Abacus Training will be organized by Cognito Abacus.
Educational Requirement

4. Investment

  •  Ability to invest around ₹50K to ₹1.25 lakh for a centre depending on the city / town.