Program Guidelines




  • All parents are expected to understand all the details of the program when they visit the centres for Registration of their child(ren) in the Cognito Abacus Program. Parents must spare time to undergo the complete counselling session so that the expectations are set right, and parents can participate effectively in their child’s success.
  • The parents will have to fill a registration form for every child individually. The form is available both in offline and online mode. 
  • The parents are requested to fill the form very carefully and ensure that there are no mistakes. Special emphasis needs to be given that the Name of the Student, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile, Email Id are correct. Incorrect information will lead to wrong certificates, communication gap etc. at a later stage.
  • In case the child has a medical condition, please provide necessary information to the centre in advance, so that in case of emergency the centre can take the best approach possible.


  • Private Centres

    • The Entire Course is divided into 9 Levels of 3 months each. These levels are referred to as Level 1, Level 2 and so on up to Level 9. The total duration is therefore of 9 x 3 = 27 Months.
    • If the age of the child is 7 years or below, in some case even 8 years, there is a Level 0 or Foundation Level, that the child must undergo additionally. This level is to ensure that the basic arithmetic foundation of the child is in place. For such children, the program becomes of 10 Levels totaling 30 Months.
  • School Centres

    • The Cognito Abacus School program will be offered to children of Classes 2 to 6.
    • Each level of Cognito requires about 26 hours of class time. Keeping in mind the availability of a maximum of 2 periods of 40 minutes each in a week and a total of 32 study weeks in a school’s academic year, we can cover only 2 Levels every year.
    • In the first year, the students will cover Level 1 and Level 2 and in subsequent year they will cover Level 3 and Level 4. 
    • Higher Level requires more experience and expertise. The students can join the nearest Cognito Abacus Centre to complete the remaining Level 5 to Level 9, under expert supervision of Cognito Educators.
    • If the school desires to offer the program to Class 1, Level 0 can be offered to the students of Class 1 that will be completed in the academic year since the students are 5-7 years old and number of periods available are less.


  • Level Proficiency Test is conducted at the end of every Level. In case of school centres, these tests are conducted in sync with the school examinations.
  • The Level Proficiency Test designed by Cognito Abacus is holistic in nature. The test covers all the topics individually during the level in Section A: Concept Evaluation and Summative Coverage in Section B: Concept Proficiency. The child has to clear Section A, in order to progress to the next level. Poor marks in Section A, indicate that the child is lacking in one or more concepts. The section can be individually identified by the marks obtained in the sub sections. Poor marks in Section B, indicates the child lacks practice and this is where parent’s roll come in. They need to supervise children at home, in order to practice more for effective results.
  • A Level Proficiency Certificate is awarded to every child at the end of every Level on successfully passing the Level Proficiency Test.
  • The Progress chart of every student is maintained on the Parent’s App. Parent’s app can be downloaded from the respective app store and is available for Android and iOS Platforms.


  • The Registration fees is payable at the time of Registration along with the Tuition Fee for the First Month. The Tuition fee varies from centre to centre depending upon the town or city, the centre is situated.
  • Tuition Fee should be submitted latest by 2nd Sunday of every month, failing which a late fee will be charged.
  • If the child’s fee is not received, the centre at its discretion can prevent the child from attending the subsequent classes.
  • Child should be regular in the class. In case of absence, it is the responsibility of parents to get the Miss Out Class in co-ordination with Course Instructor/Centre Head. In a level, if more than one Miss Out Class is requested, the centre will have the discretion to charge for additional classes.
  • The Books and other material for subsequent levels is issued to every child ONLY on successful clearing of the Level Proficiency Test and if all fees for current level and first month of subsequent level has been paid.
  • Parents are requested to maintain in record the fee receipts issued by the centre. In case a dispute arises with regards to fee payments, these will be helpful. In the event the record is not available, the record of the centre will be treated as final.
  • Each level has a duration of 3 months, so the centres will take 3 months to effectively complete the level. Some children at times do require more than 3 months, for multiple reasons. We strongly recommend NOT to rush through a level. In an extraordinary event, the child has to rush through a level for reasons beyond control, the fees for 3 months will still have to be paid.

Do's and Don'ts

  • The most important aspect of the abacus program is daily practice. The parents should ensure that a child practice daily. A Practice Tracker is available in the almanac provided to every child. The parents can tabulate in same on daily basis and put their initials to track the practice done by the child.
  • Parents should check the Almanac after every class to review if there is any communication from the center or course instructor.
  • Parents must meet the Teacher / Centre Head at least once in a month for regular feedbacks. The feedbacks can be both ways – About their child or about the centre.
  • Punctuality is very important. The Children should arrive for the class at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the class.
  • The parents should also come at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class over time to pick up their child. In addition to punctuality, this is very important for Child’s Safety. The child should be informed not to leave the center till some one known has come to pick up. Although, center does take certain precautions, but will not be liable for any untoward experience.
  • All the children must wear the Blue Cognito T Shirt when coming for the classes. The only exception for the same can be winters.
  • Although adequate arrangements are done at the centre for Drinking Water for the students. It is still advisable that every child should carry his or her own Water Bottle.
  • The child should come well groomed. Every parent would expect their child’s friends to maintain hygiene.
  • If the parents are deputing some one to pick up the child, they should inform the Teacher / Centre Head in advance. It is a good practice to send a photo of the person on whatsapp to the center incharge or teacher.
  • Any change in the contact information should be informed timely to the centre. Written communication in this regard is very essential.
  • If a call is received from an unknown number claiming to be from Cognito Abacus, the parent should verify or report the call to the centre to check its authenticity.


  • Private Centres

    • At the time of Registration: Cognito Abacus Bag, T Shirt and Abacus
    • Level 0: Level 0 – Blue Book, Level 0 – Red Book and Almanac
    • Level 1: Level 1 – Blue Book, Level 1 – Red Book, Listening Skills Practice Book and Almanac
    • Level 2: Level 2 – Blue Book, Level 2 – Red Book and Almanac
    • Level 3: Level 3 – Blue Book, Level 3 – Red Book and Almanac
    • Level 4: Level 4 – Blue Book, Level 4 – Red Book and Almanac
    • Level 5: Level 5 – Blue Book, Level 5 – Red Book and Almanac
    • Level 6: Level 6 – Blue Book, Level 6 – Red Book and Almanac
    • Level 7: Level 7 – Blue Book, Level 7 – Red Book and Almanac
    • Level 8: Level 8 – Blue Book, Level 8 – Red Book and Almanac
    • Level 9: Level 9 – Blue Book, Level 9 – Red Book and Almanac

Cognito Abacus does not charge extra for the material specified above from parents as the child progresses from one level to another. But, if the child misplaces, loses or damages the material above, the replacement will have to be purchased.

  • School Centres

    • At the time of Registration: Abacus
    • Year 0: Level 0 – Blue Book, Level 0 – Red Book
    • Year 1Level 1 – Blue BookLevel 1 – Red BookLevel 2 – Blue BookLevel 2 – Red Book, Listening Skills Practice Book
    • Year 2Level 3 – Blue BookLevel 3 – Red BookLevel 4 – Blue BookLevel 4 – Red Book


  • Cognito Abacus allows transfer of students from one Private Cognito center to another Private or School Cognito Centre, Free of Cost. Similarly, from One School Centre to another School Centre Free of Cost. However if a child is transferred from School Centre to another Private Cognito Centre, a transfer fees applicable.
  • The Parent seeking transfer need to collect the Transfer Certificate from the current center and then take it to the new centre where they seek transfer. The new centre will request transfer of the student from the Regional Office (in case of Intra State) or National Office (In case of Inter State). Once processed, the change will reflect on parent’s app and the student will reflect in the new centre with new code.


  • Cognito Abacus conducts various competitions at different levels.
  • The Rules, Regulations and Guidelines of such competitions are announced with the competition. Parents should read these guidelines carefully when announced.


  • In case, parents have any appreciations or grievances, they can write to the CEO, Cognito Abacus at [email protected]