Microsoft celebrates association with Cognito Abacus

Cognito Abacus turns to Microsoft Teams to overcome online learning challenges!!

Cognito Abacus is an India-based educational group that focuses on enhancing cognitive skills in children aged 6 to 13 years. The company imparts both regular and online learning programs across India.

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A few months into operations, Cognito Abacus had to shift its entire learning program online as the pandemic engulfed India. The educational group started evaluating various platforms to run virtual classes. It faced three major challenges:

  • Time: The most popular platforms did not support classes over 40 minutes
  • Control: Learners were able to take over control of the class as connectivity issues prevailed and admin rights did not rest with the teachers
  • Security: Program participants did not view available platforms in the marketplace favorably


Cognito Abacus turned to Microsoft Teams after rigorously testing the platform to overcome the issues it faced while using a leading online platform. It also conducted a pilot assessment by running a virtual time-sensitive contest to check how robust the platform is. 


The company has been using Microsoft Teams for over 20 months now. Over the period, it found the product to be stable and scalable to support virtual learning under various conditions for over 2000 students.

  • Function: The platform was able to mirror an actual classroom-like environment to support the complete learning cycle from teaching, evaluation, and instructor trainings, across any device
  • Command: Educators were able to exercise better command over the class as the admin rights were firm with them
  • Trust and Security: The virtual platform inspired trust equally among all participants, who were apprehensive of other leading online collaboration tools
  • Connectivity: The frequent issues of connectivity were completely resolved with the robust learning platform, even when students joined midway or left halfway
  • Additional tools: The use of Forms in tandem with the platform made ongoing tasks of evaluation, survey, and polls etc, seamless and automated. Cognito was also able to conduct a competition event for around 300 children using Microsoft Teams


In my view, the way Microsoft Teams is structured is a replica of the classroom, hence, it was easy to mirror the offline classroom environment to online in a seamless manner. As an administrator, you can perform real-time checks by silently joining any session to see how the classes are being conducted. The design of the platform is conducive to online learning.